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Facilities ; - All equipment of the latest design, supplied by Corghi a market leader.


Corghi 2019 tyre changer. This versatile machine mounts & dismounts the tyres on all types of wheel. It can be fitted with plastic inserts to provide that gentle touch for the most delicate of alloys.


Corghi HD100.This tyre changer makes light work of the bigger tyres. Super singles, split rims, agricultural all with ease.


Corghi EM7340 balancer. Computerised wheel balancing at its best. This model is able to balance all wheels upto & including light commercial. Various programmes allow for steel & alloy wheels. The weights can even be hidden behind the spokes when appearance is of great significance. All the latest spigots & cones supplied by Haweka. This allows for all wheels including the centreless wheels found on some cars.
Vulcaniser. Tyres considered beyond use can often be ground out & a latex compound applied. Heat & pressure turn this compound into rubber sealing the exterior of the tyre, thus preventing water ingress to the tyre structure & maintaining the appearance. Inside an appropriate patch is chemically bonded giving strength. This procedure can be useful when replacement tyres are not available immediately. If the repair is carried out correctly the tyre should give years of service.